Understanding Shredding Options So You Can Make the Right Choice

As a business owner you’re constantly weighing options and making decisions. Most of your choices are based on what’s most economical and cost effective for your organization. Other decisions involving legal and regulatory compliance require more nuanced deliberation. Choosing how to dispose of your confidential business documents is one such decision that requires the consideration of a variety of factors.

Meeting both legal and regulatory standards and maintaining security of your information are such factors. Once your business records have reached the end of their retention period, they need to be properly disposed of. It’s no coincidence, that there’s a plethora of companies that are willing to fulfill that need. But with all of the choices out there, making the right decision for your organization can be difficult. Understanding what shredding services are available can help you make an informed decision for your business.

Scheduled shredding services are beneficial for ongoing document destruction needs. Organizations who would like an easy-to-implement solution for facilitating the secure collection of confidential active documents are good candidates for this type of service. Other organizations will have an occasional one time need for the disposal of private documents. In this case, a purge service is the most beneficial solution. Other smaller businesses may not deal with a large volume of paper documents, but still may need a convenient resource for the disposal of confidential records. In this instance, a drop off shredding facility may be the best resource to meet those needs.

Understanding the different shredding options available will help you avoid limiting your choices to vendors who attempt to lock you into a service model that ultimately doesn’t fit the needs of your business. To find out how Sentry Storage can help meet your document shredding needs in the San Diego, CA area please contact us by phone or fill out the form provided.

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