Boat Storage Tips

As a boat owner, some of your most memorable times are on the water basking in the sun and enjoying the lap of the waves. However, inevitably at some point you’ll have to bring your boat ashore and store it for a season or even longer. In order to keep those good memories coming, you’ll want to make sure your boat is in proper working order when you launch again.

Create a checklist

Prior to putting your boat into storage, make a list of the maintenance and repair issues that need to be addressed. Note any hull damage and do a thorough check of your safety equipment. Since you know your boat best, make note of any worn ropes and lines and check your engine and electrical equipment for any issues.

Consult your owner’s manual

All engine maintanance and other repairs should be done in accordance with your owner’s manual so as not to void your manufacturer’s warranty. Taking this step may also remind you of other things to note before hauling your boat out of the water.

Change oil and fluids

If storing your boat for a longer period of time, it may be a good idea to change the oil and filter, prior to bringing it to a boat storage facility. Make sure that the gas tank is mostly filled to prevent moisture build-up in the tank and top off any fluids in the cooling system.

Clean your boat

You don’t want to have to clean your boat after you get it out of storage. Instead, thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your boat before storing it, paying special attention to the following areas:

  • hull
  • bilge pump
  • deck
  • cockpit
  • all compartments and lockers

Also think about applying a coat of wax and polishing any metals.

Use a cover

Using a cover will protect your boat from the elements, sun damage and critters. Make sure your cover has ventilation ports. Prior to placing your boat into storage, don’t forget to check your cover for rips and tears, and dirt and mold.

Inspect your boat trailer

Add additional air pressure to your boat trailer tires to avoid flat spots during storage. Make sure there is not excessive rust on the frame. Look over the rollers, hubs, bearings and jack and lubricate as necessary. Additionally, repair any broken indicator lights.

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