Realizing the Vulnerability of Your Home Office

Your home office is the one of the most important rooms in your house. The command control center of your household, it’s where you navigate the day to day financial decisions that affect your household. Not to mention, more and more people use their home office as a de facto corporate headquarters. It’s no wonder that it has also become the holding area for your most important documents and files: bank statements, birth certificates, and even personal healthcare information. But the home office is one of the least safe places to keep your records; business or personal.

Home offices are not exempt from disaster. In fact, because they are often located in designated basement or attic areas, they are extremely vulnerable to water and fire damage. If a kitchen or electrical fire gets out of control, paper records stored at home can make a bad situation worse.

Likewise, home burglary presents another risk. For thieves targeting your home, the designated office area is a desirable treasure chest. Stolen social security numbers and bank account information can prove to be a lot more valuable than your flat screen TV. And with homeowners using the home office to store valuables such as jewelry and cash, there’s additional incentive for pilfering this part of your home.

How have you protected your home office records from theft, fire, flooding and other disasters? Are your records organized in a way that allows you to put your hands on them immediately? Sentry Storage can help! Providing secure document storage and management for clients in both traditional corporate environments and small home office settings throughout San Diego, we make sure that your records are protected and preserved.

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