Unit Size Guide

In addition to providing San Diego residents and businesses with a clean, secure and affordable self storage solution, Sentry Storage Solutions’ San Diego and Chula Vista locations offer both drive-up and walk-in units in a variety of sizes to accommodate your individual storage needs.

5×5 Storage Unit

5x5 Storage Unit Graphic
25 sq. ft. of storage is equivalent to a standard hall closet and enables you to store small furniture items, various small boxes, and a bicycle.

5×5 Storage in San Diego     5×5 Storage in Chula Vista

5 x 8 Storage Unit

5x8 Storage Unit Graphic
Slightly bigger and in addition to providing enough space for the items above, this unit can also accommodate a file cabinet and a sofa.

5×8 Storage in San Diego

5 x 10 Storage Unit

5x10 Storage Unit Graphic
This unit size is perfect for storing one room’s worth of furniture, including several storage totes, a chest of drawers, mattresses and a motorcycle.

5×10 Storage in San Diego     5×10 Storage in Chula Vista

5 x 15 Storage Unit

5x15 Storage Unit Graphic
Two rooms of household or office items will easily fit inside this unit.

5×15 Storage in Chula Vista

8 x 10 Storage Unit

8x10 Storage Unit Graphic
In addition to providing enough space for the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, this unit can also store a stacked washer/dryer, desk, and approximately 150 small boxes.

8×10 Storage in San Diego

10 x 10 Storage Unit

10x10 Storage Unit Guide
100 sq. ft. of storage is perfect for two bicycles, a king size bed, a sofa and recliner, kitchen table, dressers, or approximately three rooms’ worth of furniture or office items.

10×10 Storage in San Diego     10×10 Storage in Chula Vista

10 x 15 Storage Unit

10x15 Storage Unit Graphic
In this unit, you’ll have plenty of room to fit the contents of a two bedroom apartment or small house.

10×15 Storage in San Diego     10×15 Storage in Chula Vista

10 x 18 Storage Unit

10x18 Storage Unit Graphic
A unit large enough to store the contents of a 4-bedroom house or 3-4 office spaces.

10×18 Storage in San Diego

10 x 20 Storage Unit

10x20 Storage Unit Graphic
Approximately the size of a one-car garage, this provides you with enough space for the entire contents of a three-bedroom house.

10×20 Storage in San Diego     10×20 Storage in Chula Vista

10 x 23 Storage Unit

10x23 Storage Unit Guide
Spacious enough for the items listed above plus a number of storage cartons and/or totes.

10×23 Storage in San Diego

10 x 25 Storage Unit

10x25 Storage Unit Graphic
The size of an average one-car garage, this unit provides enough space for a 2-3 bedroom house and appliances.

10×25 Storage in Chula Vista

10 x 30 Storage Unit

10x30 Storage Unit Guide
This unit can easily fit the contents of a four- to five-bedroom house and is perfect for storing bulky items such as appliances.

10×30 Storage in San Diego     10×30 Storage in Chula Vista

10 x 40 Storage Unit

10x40 Storage Unit Graphic
Equivalent to a two-car garage, this unit will easily accommodate the contents of a large house.

10×40 Storage in Chula Vista

Vehicle and Boat Storage*

Sentry Storage Solutions also offers our Chula Vista clients self storage options specifically designed for your vehicle or boat. No matter the type of recreational vehicle or boat, our units provide year-round protection and security. We offer our clients the following sizes to choose from:

  • 8 width x 17 length
  • 11 width x 15 length
  • 12 width x 20 length
  • 12 width x 25 length
  • 11 width x 30 length
  • 12 width x 30 length
  • 11 width x 41 length
  • 12 width x 40 length

When looking for a self storage solution in San Diego, it’s important to choose a provider that places the highest standards on customer service, commitment to security, and excellent storage facilities. Sentry Storage Solutions offers our clients all that plus the most self storage options in the area!

To find out more, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

*Chula Vista location only