Paper Shredding in San Diego

Identity theft is a reality and San Diego businesses are prime targets for criminals seeking access to their confidential information. Many smaller companies simply don’t have the resources and time to make sure that documents are consistently and securely disposed of. In fact, the document disposal processes you currently have in place may instead be increasing identity theft exposure for your business.

Sentry Storage Solutions can help. For over 30 years, we’ve been protecting our clients’ confidential information. We offer secure, convenient, and affordable paper shredding that serves as a foundation for corporate privacy protection. Our paper shredding solutions are individually tailored to San Diego businesses of all sizes and types:

  • post-document retention destruction
  • on-demand document purging
  • drop off shredding

No matter the scope and timeframe of your destruction needs, we’re committed to providing the highest levels of value and service in San Diego.

Secure document destruction

Your current document shredding process may not be cutting it—no pun intended. Whether you’re currently outsourcing your document disposal needs or are relying on your employees to shred sensitive files on a regular basis, it’s hard to tell if your confidential information is being completely destroyed.

Sentry Storage Solutions offers certified paper shredding, which means that your documents are always in good hands. During the destruction process, your material is cross-cut into unrecognizable bits measuring a maximum of ½” in width. Once the shredding is completed, all shredded material is delivered to the recycler where it undergoes further destruction and helps to reduce your environmental footprint. We provide a Certificate of Destruction upon the completion of every paper shredding project we handle.

Regular paper shredding reduces risk

The longer confidential documents wait to be destroyed, the greater the potential for identity theft. Our scheduled paper shredding service provides a verifiable solution for making sure your information is destroyed in a timely manner. Sentry Storage Solutions places locked shredding containers in your office, enabling quick, easy and secure disposal of paper records. Our shredding consoles and bins come in a variety of sizes and styles so that a paper shredding solution can be customized to your business:

  • under-desk collection containers
  • office shredding consoles
  • 32-gallon shred bins

No matter which size and style you choose, we provide console placement and quick response for on-demand services.

Sentry Storage Solutions provides secure paper shredding solutions for businesses throughout San Diego. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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