Destruction Consoles

Destruction consoles refer to locking consoles or bins designed to securely hold documents or media devices waiting to be destroyed. We offer three console size selections for placement at your home or office. Our destruction bin services feature free console placement, and next day response for on-demand services.

Scheduled Services

Once the right size bin and a steady schedule is determined, we will visit you on your regularly scheduled day to retrieve the material you have collected for destruction. A certificate of destruction is provided for each service, once the material is destroyed.

One Time Purges

Our large console is perfect for purging projects. If you or your company is getting ready to sort through and destroy old documents, a purge bin will soon be your best friend. Call us today to schedule a free bin placement, then call us again when the bin is full and we’ll pick up and certifiably destroy it’s contents. Easy as pie!

Size & Look

Our smallest console is about the size of a standard storage box and fits perfectly underneath a desk or on a shelf. Our largest is a 32-gallon bin which holds the equivalent of 5 to 6 storage boxes. With three sizes available and custom orders offered upon request, we’re sure to have a bin that fits your needs.

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