Packing Tips for Moving

Let’s face it—no one likes the process of moving. It means having to pack up all of your family’s belongings and transfer them to your home or storage unit while hoping that nothing gets broken or misplaced. There are literally hundreds of details to attend to within a short window of time. It’s mentally and physically exhausting.

Packing is one of those moving tasks that can be daunting at best. It involves making sure everything can be safely transported and easily found once you reach your final destination. The more packing planning you can do in advance of your move, the less stressed out you’re going to be. As San Diego’s storage experts, Sentry Storage Solutions has put together a list of helpful packing tips that will make your move go a lot more smoothly.

1. Make sure you have plenty of packing materials. Having to run out to purchase extra packing supplies is counterproductive. Make sure you have sturdy boxes of all sizes and types. And don’t forget plenty of bubble wrap, packing tape and markers. Sentry Storage solutions has all of the supplies you need to get your home packed up quickly and efficiently.

2. Designate one room as a designated packing area. The last thing you need is a home full of rooms cluttered with boxes. Assigning one spacious room in your house as your packing “headquarters” will help reduce clutter and help keep all of your packing materials easily available. A table makes it easier to individually wrap items and is a lot less stressful on your back!

3. Pack the right way. Use plenty of padding material when packing breakables and other items. If in doubt, use more. Newsprint and bubble wrap are often used to wrap items but socks, blankets and clothing also make excellent padding material. Glasses and stemware should be packed upright and dishes on their edges. Pack heavier items toward the bottom with lighter items on top. Use smaller boxes for heavier items and make sure that no carton exceeds more than 50 lbs. so it can be easily picked up and transported.

4. Properly label your cartons. Having to search for individual items buried within boxes is no fun. The right labeling system will help you easily locate your belongings. Use permanent markers to label boxes by room and a general description of contents. Label boxes on their sides so that when stacked they are easily identifiable.

5. Keep furniture parts together. Place bolts, screws, and other parts in sandwich bags that can be then be taped to the backs of your furniture. This will facilitate easy reassembly and eliminate an unnecessary trip to the hardware store. Additional stray items such as lawn tools can also be taped together in one bundle.

For additional packing tips that will help ensure a stress-free move, contact Sentry Storage Solutions by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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