Complete Inventory Management

Our clients always have the option of managing their own inventory records, but for your convenience (and your sanity) we offer to take the job over! The transition from an office-managed to a sentry-managed inventory is quick and easy, and once it’s over you’ll never again have to worry about misplaced files or unlisted box contents.

The Advantages

• Consistent File Formats

With turn over in employees often comes changes to file systems; a change that could be crucial to the organization of your records. Our databased inventory system is built specifically to be kept consistent. Once we review your guidelines, we customize your account to collect each of your records’ identifying items. Our systems don’t change, and your inventory records are always kept consistent.
• Complete Tracking

Each inventoried file is barcoded and tracked; ♫ ♫ every move it makes, every step it takes…♫ ♫ Sentry knows!
• Labor: Our Cost vs. Yours (COMPLETELY COMPARABLE)

In most cases, it is CHEAPER to have us manage your inventory. Considering the cost of labor alone can show a huge cost savings to outsourcing this record keeping. Give us a chance to show you a cost comparison specific to your own company; call us today to set up an appointment, or to discuss over the phone.

The Procedure

After a quick meeting to determine how you’d like your files organized and catalogued, we get started:

  • During the inventory set up, each of your files receives a barcode and the file’s identifying information is added to our database. The inventory record includes all data as required by your staff and the location identifier of the file.
  • A complete listing of your inventoried records are provided to you once new inventory records are added to our system, or at any time upon request.
  • All file activity is tracked and recorded throughout the life of the file; including, access requests and changes in file status and location.

Sentry-managed inventory is affordable, effective, and recommended.
Please give us a call today to find out more!

Prepping Your Own Records

If your company is storing records with us and you’ve decided to manage your own inventory, we are always available to provide guidelines for how inventory should be properly managed and assist you in perfecting your current inventory processes. We are also happy to keep hard copies of your own inventory records on file with our office to use as a backup copy in case of loss.

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