Danger! Don’t Choose the Wrong Self Storage Facility

The Dos & Don'ts of Choosing the Correct Storage Facility

Renting the wrong self storage unit not only impacts your wallet but may also end up costing you a fortune in time, sanity and chiropractic bills. Here are some factors to avoid when choosing a self storage facility:

  • Long-term contract (month-to-month leasing means you can leave anytime)
  • Multi-story units (ground floor and drive-up options save your back and your time)
  • No on-site packing and moving supplies (you shouldn’t have to bring your own dolly)
  • Pay their way or the highway (you need choices when it comes to payment)
  • Units are dusty and moldy (you and your valuables deserve  a clean and safe space)
  • Off-site office (on-site staff means expedient, personalized service)
  • One-size-fits-all units (why pay for space you don’t need?)
  • Lock and key are the only security (24 hour surveillance ensures the utmost safety and protection)

From convenience, to security, to customer service, Sentry Storage offers complete value for our clients. Come see why we set the standard for self storage!

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Offer valid on self storage sizes of 10x15 and larger.

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