Implementing a File Management Solution for your Business

Are you still pushing a large amount of paper in your organization? Even with computers and digital devices, chances are you have a volume of paper files that are taking up space. Just managing those documents and files can seem like a job within a job. Luckily, you can implement a process for managing paper files that can help your business stay organized.

Converting your most active documents to a digital format can help put a dent in your paper file collection. But scanning a collection of files is a time consuming proposition. Documents have to be sorted, indexed and classified so that you can easily access your electronic data. And before files can be scanned, all paper clips, staples and sticky notes need to be removed. A desktop scanner can be a great tool for converting paper files as they are created but doesn’t work so well when attempting to scan a back file collection. A high volume conversion requires imaging and document management expertise.

Files that are infrequently accessed yet need to be retained are key candidates for offsite records storage. A professional records storage solution is frequently more cost effective than trying to store and manage documents internally. Retention scheduling and inventory management systems combined with a secure, document storage facility assure that your files are protected and preserved long term.

A document destruction program can also help provide a practice for disposing of confidential files. Locked purge bins allow for the secure one time disposal of a large amount of confidential files that may have been sitting idle in your facility for some time. Similarly, shred consoles can be placed in high-paper areas of your business to facilitate the secure, daily disposal of documents. These can be picked up on a regular, scheduled basis, serving as a key component of your company’s document destruction plan.

Sentry Storage Corp can implement a file management solution for your business. Since 1984, we’ve been helping businesses in the San Diego, CA area with all of their records storage and document shredding needs.

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