Car Storage in San Diego

Do you have a secure storage option for your car?

Life can present various scenarios that may facilitate the need for car storage. You may have a rarely driven automobile which you need to keep safe and secure. If you’re traveling or relocating, you may need short- or long-term storage for your primary vehicle. Your home may not have a garage, or you may have limited parking options. Yet, there are only so many options for securely storing your car. And in a time of rampant car theft, leaving your vehicle in an unprotected area is risky to say the least.

Worry-free vehicle storage

Whether you’re car collector or, like so many others, rely on your vehicle to get you to and from work, putting your car into storage should provide you with peace of mind. Sentry Storage provides you with a worry-free car storage space for any type of vehicle. Our car storage facility is centrally located within San Diego and provides complete theft and damage protection.  Simply drop off your car, truck, boat, or RV and we’ll take care of safeguarding it for you for any length of time.

We eliminate stress and worry by offering secure lots that feature the following advantages:

  • Full perimeter fencing
  • Security lighting
  • Controlled and monitored access
  • 24-hour video surveillance
  • On-site management

For both short- and long-term storage, you can always rest assured that the investment you made in your vehicle is being safeguarded.

Budget sensible car safety and protection

Safety and security aren’t the only benefits you want in a car storage facility. You also need to make sure your decision makes economic sense. Sentry Storage doesn’t lock you into a long-term commitment:All of our leases are month-to-month, providing you with complete flexibility. We also offer a variety of payment options which include:

  • Email invoicing
  • Automatic bank withdrawal
  • Online payment
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Invoice
  • Major credit cards

Sentry Storage is San Diego’s trusted car storage provider. To find out more about our car storage solutions, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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