Achieving a Green Document Destruction Solution

Reducing waste within your organization is not only good for the environment but also helps your bottom line. You may already have the following green programs in place:
• recycling
• carpool and telecommuting programs
• alternate energy sources
• fuel efficient vehicles

Recycling Risks

Paper is often one of the most significant sources of waste within any organization. As a result, programs for reducing paper waste are often top priorities for corporate environmental initiatives. However, paper documents and files often contain sensitive, confidential information. It’s no wonder that commercial dumpsters, trashcans and recycling bins have become a primary target for thieves seeking access to private information.

So while recycling paper is an environmentally friendly practice, it can also expose risks that threaten privacy, including the following:
• identity theft
• corporate espionage
• regulatory non-compliance
• security breaches
Therefore, it’s necessary to keep documents and files out of recycling receptacles. Many organizations attempt to remedy this conundrum by purchasing shredding machines in order to shred in house. However, this option has its own set of issues including the following:
• shredding time may hinder productivity and increase labor costs
• shredding machines are prone to maintenance issues and malfunctions
• the consistent use of shredding machines wanes over time

Professional Destruction and Recycling Resources

A professional document shredding company can alleviate the risks of information being compromised while also providing a paper recycling solution. A typical outsourced shredding process adheres to the following steps:

  1. Consultation and assessment of destruction needs
  2. Locked shredding consoles are delivered to and strategically placed within your facility
  3. Documents containing sensitive and confidential information are deposited into shredding consoles
  4. Based on a predetermined schedule, documents and files deposited into shredding consoles are collected from your facility
  5. Documents and files are securely transported back to facility and undergo destruction a commercial shredder
  6. All documents and files are shredded to less than ½” width
  7. Upon completion, you are provided with a certificate of destruction
  8. Shredded material is baled and securely sent to an authorized recycling partner
In essence, both privacy protection and recycling goals are achieved with a single source. Your professional shredding partner can also provide you with several service options to fit the specific needs of your organization which may include one or a combination of the following options:
• scheduled pickup
• purge service
• drop off service
• retention scheduling
As San Diego’s premier records management resource, Sentry Storage Corp can assist you with all of your document destruction needs in the most environmentally friendly manner. For more information please contact us by phone or fill out the quote request form provided.

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