The Top Decluttering Tips for 2017

Every new year brings the opportunity to get organized. For many people however, decluttering is a chore they prefer to avoid. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, these decluttering tips will help you get off to a great start in 2017! 

Start Small

Feeling overwhelmed by a decluttering project can lead to inaction. Instead of tackling everything at once, work room by room. And don’t worry if the entire room doesn’t get decluttered in one fell swoop. Organizing even one closet makes life a little more manageable.

Use Your Walls

Garages and basements often end up being the most cluttered areas of your home. Using wall space for storage helps eliminate floor clutter and makes finding items easier. Peg boards can be used to store and organize tools. Shovels, rakes and garden tools can also be hung along garage and basement walls. Your local hardware store is a great resource for shelves, racks hooks and other wall hanging apparatus you’ll need to get the job done. 


During decluttering it’s tempting to toss everything you no longer want in the trash. But some items may contain chemicals and components that are hazardous to the environment, including:

  • Computers
  • TVs and flat screens
  • DVD players
  • Keyboards
  • Batteries and light bulbs

Look for an electronic waste recycling partner to help you dispose of these items in an environmentally friendly manner. 


There’s no reason to hold onto things you don’t use. Fortunately, a number of non-profit organizations and charities accept a wide variety of household and business items for donation. Some even offer free pickup from your home or office. And remember, items you donate can be claimed as a tax write-off. 


Hoarding paper documents not only creates clutter, it also puts your privacy at risk. Any outdated or unwanted documents with sensitive personal, financial or business information should be shredded. A drop-off shredding service makes it easy to destroy confidential paperwork. Simply bring your documents and files to the nearest drop-off shredding location for secure, professional destruction. 

Go Offsite

Every business owner has documents that need to be kept permanently. If vital business documents are taking over your office, consider using a records storage service to store them offsite. Besides reducing clutter in your workspace, it helps keep your files organized, secure and easily accessible. Your documents are stored in a commercial records center designed with the following features:

  • Controlled facility access
  • Video surveillance
  • Alarm monitoring
  • State-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems

Before shelving your records on industrial-grade, high-density racking systems, professional records managers organize, label and index them for you. Each file is barcoded for tracking and added to an inventory management database. You can request your files by phone, fax, email or via an online form for secure anytime delivery to your office. 

Take Advantage of Self Storage

There will always be things around your home or office that need to be kept but you don’t have space to store. Your self-storage provider will offer a variety of unit sizes for storing these items safely and securely. Look for a locally-owned provider with on site management, low monthly storage fees and flexible lease options.

Start decluttering now to clear a path for success in 2017!

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