The 5 Advantages of a Local Document Storage Provider

Choosing a company to protect and manage your business documents isn’t always easy. Many factors, including facilities, scope of services, and cost need to be compared. Here are the five advantages of a local document storage provider:

1. Experience and Expertise

When storing your most confidential and sensitive information, you want an experienced document storage provider. It’s important to choose a trustworthy records storage company staffed by trained professionals. An experienced document storage provider will have a long history of implementing records storage and management solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries, including yours. They are also more likely to have built up a base of clients that can attest to their quality and professionalism.

2. A Tailored Solution

Each business has different records storage and management needs. A local document storage provider doesn’t make you adjust your requirements to use their service. Instead, they tailor a records storage and management solution to meet your specific needs.

3. Enhanced Customer Service

There’s nothing more frustrating than calling an 800 number to find out information about your document inventory or request a file and having to navigate through a long menu of options before being placed on hold for several minutes. Then, once you are connected to a human representative, they have never heard of you or your company and don’t know the history of your account because they are sitting in a call center on the other side of the world.

A locally owned and operated document storage provider, on the other hand, assigns an account manager to your business when you become a client. You have direct line of communication with that person, and they have briefed other staff members on each client, so that even if your account manager isn’t available, the person you speak with can properly handle your request.

4. Value

Affordability isn’t the only the only feature to look for in a records storage provider. You want to make sure that the security and level of service you receive match your needs. A local document storage provider can offer the following services for enhanced organization, control and access of your records:

  • File indexing
  • Professional inventory management
  • Fast pickup and delivery service
  • Online service requests

5. Community Involvement

A local document storage provider shouldn’t just offer services in your community; it should play an active role in the betterment of your city. Whether it’s supporting non-profit causes, sponsoring local events, creating jobs, or reinvesting money back into the neighborhood, a local records storage provider can benefit your community in many ways outside of its day-to-day operations.

When you choose a local document storage provider to protect and manage your records, you can feel confident you’ve made the right decision.
Sentry Storage Solutions offers secure offsite records storage solutions to businesses in San Diego and Chula Vista, California. For more information about our services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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