Self Storage Rate Lock Guarantee

There are hundreds of storage facilities in San Diego so you obviously have options when looking for self storage. The first thing you usually look at is location, you generally want a storage facility that is in your area to make it easy to bring things to and from your storage unit. The next thing people look at is the price difference between Rate lockfacilities and whether it is worth driving across town to save a couple of dollars in rent. One thing that some people don’t know to look for when searching for a storage provider is a rate lock guarantee. A rate lock guarantee will ensure that your provider will not increase your rate for the agreed upon amount of time.

Did you know that some storage providers will sign you up at a special rate, but will have scheduled rent raises ready for you after 5 or 10 months? Make sure you ask before you sign up for storage that they can guarantee their special rate and for how long. If they cannot guarantee the rate then you should find out what they plan to raise it shaking handsto and if that new rate will be worth it. I also suggest that if they are not forthcoming with this information, you should look elsewhere for a storage provider who will be honest with you. Don’t start your storage relationship off on the wrong foot. Start with a company you feel you can trust because your first impression is usually a good indicator of how the business will be run and how your relationship will be.

Some storage facilities will have you sign a month to month lease while others will require you to stay for a half or a full year. Make sure before you sign any contracts that your provider has a rate lock guarantee to ensure that they don’t raise your rent until the agreed upon date. If you sign a year lease you may be obligated to stay while they raise your rent progressively through the year. You should also make sure that your month to month lease has a rate lock guarantee because your provider can usually change your rate at any time given proper notice. The positive of a month to month lease is that you can move out at the end of the month without penalty if your rent is raised. All in all it is advised that you choose a self storage provider that offers a rate lock guarantee when you are searching through the hundreds providers in San Diego.

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