Self Storage Auction in San Diego

Sentry Storage Solutions holds public auctions on an as-needed basis in San Diego and Chula Vista, CA.

Sometimes in the storage business, units are left abandoned for one reason or another. As unfortunate as it is, eventually it is necessary to clear out the remaining goods in the unit and make it re-rentable. This involves a lengthy process of steps, but it all boils down to a sale of the goods at a public auction. gavel (600x566) (600x566)

Television shows portraying this side of the storage business have been dominating reality TV for some time now, which has alerted the general TV population to the existence of these auctions (many new tenants ask if we have been featured on one of the shows). While the way in which these shows portray the auction process is questionable, the sad reality is that the concept of selling items at auction is a common, and legally necessary, part of the business.

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