Paper Shredding and Recycling Go Hand-in-Hand

How you handle your paper waste makes a big difference. If confidential documents land in the trash, not only are you exposed to identity theft, but your paper waste ends up in a landfill. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, here we share two easy ways to combine your paper shredding and recycling processes.

1.Take Advantage of Scheduled Paper Shredding for Your Business

Shredding business documents with an office shredder is time-consuming and counterproductive. First, staples and paperclips have to be removed from your files. Then documents have to be hand-fed into the shredder a few sheets at a time to prevent a paper jam, and even so, the shredder may still clog if you haven’t done routine maintenance on it in a while. All of these steps make it tempting to toss documents in a recycling bin without shredding them first, but doing so increases the chances of a privacy breach exponentially.

In contrast, a scheduled paper shredding service combines shredding and recycling for your business. Locked destruction containers are delivered to your business and placed, free of charge, in high-traffic office areas. On a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule, the containers are collected by screened, professional

document destruction technicians, and your documents are shredded into unrecognizable bits. Once the shredding is completed, all shredded material is recycled, reducing your organization’s environmental impact.

2. Use a Drop Off Shredding and Recycling Service for Personal Documents

 Residential curbside recycling bins are also a prime target for identity thieves, even if your documents are already shredded. Most consumer-grade paper shredders don’t destroy documents completely. With the right equipment, an identity thief can reconstruct shredded documents and steal your personal information.

A drop off shredding and recycling service makes it easy to destroy and recycle all types of personal documents, including:

  • Bank statements
  • Medical records
  • Tax files
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Cancelled checks

You drop off your confidential documents for professional shredding and destruction at your convenience. Your personal records are then destroyed with industrial-grade shredders that render your documents unreadable. Then your shredded material is baled and sent to an authorized recycling facility where it’s kept out of the waste stream and used to make a variety of consumer and business products.

If you’re serious about protecting your information and the environment, make sure your paper shredding and recycling processes go hand-in–hand, both at home and in your business.

Sentry Storage Solutions offers media destruction solutions in the Greater San Diego area and the city of Chula Vista, California. For more information about our services, please call us or complete the form on this page.

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