The Life-Changing Magic of Self Storage

Let’s face it: life is stressful. The demands of family and work are never ending. And with not enough time in the day to get everything done, your health and well-being can take a nosedive. Fortunately, self storage can help you feel healthier, more organized and less stressed. Here’s how:


Imagine trying to cram another agenda item into an already jam-packed calendar. Self storage gives you the flexibility you need. You have the freedom to come and go from your storage unit as you please. It’s open when you need it. And since rental agreements are on a month-to-month basis, there’s no long-term commitment.


Predicting the future is impossible; divorces, deaths, other major life-changing events often happen with little warning. On top of having to cope with your emotions during a crisis, there’s the added burden of figuring out what to do with possessions in a state of flux. Self storage offers stability during crisis and helps you handle unexpected transitions.

Peace of Mind

Whether it’s office furniture or family heirlooms, self storage protects your belongings. With perimeter security, gated access, and 24 hour surveillance, it offers unparalleled security for your personal and business items. On-site management monitors who is on the property at all times. You can’t ask for a more secure place to store your possessions.

Toy Storage

Yes, grown-ups have toys too! But RVs, bicycles, boats, and motorcycles take up space. Self storage offers a reliable place to store your toys so when it’s time to play, you’re ready—and when it’s not, you can store them securely.

Time Savings

If you tally up the hours spent or moving things around to reach or find other things over the course of the year, most likely it would total several days—not to mention the frustration and hassle involved. Self storage helps you declutter and stay organized. Imagine spending more time pursuing hobbies, enjoying friends and family and pampering yourself; now that’s a recipe for a more fulfilling life!

Simply put, self storage leads to better health, happiness and a sense of peace.

Sentry Storage Solutions offers self storage solutions to businesses in the Greater San Diego area and Chula Vista, California. For more information about our services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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