How to Pack and Unpack Your Self Storage Unit like a Pro

Not everyone is blessed with a fine-tuned sense of spatial relations. For some, packing and unpacking a self storage unit is a serious headache. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional to expertly pack and unpack your self storage unit. The following tips will have you packing and unpacking like a seasoned pro!

Select the Right Packing Materials

Not all storage boxes are the same. Selecting the right size boxes prevents damage to your belongings, lets you find individual items quickly, and eliminates a sore back. For example, store heavy items like books, CDs and DVDs in small cartons. Use a dish pack with individual packing cells to prevent cups, plates and heirloom china from breaking. Specialized wardrobe boxes feature a bar so you can hang your clothes and prevent them from wrinkling during storage. The right self storage provider will offer boxes in a variety of sizes and styles to help you pack your belongings safely and with ease.

Use Furniture Drawer Space

You don’t need a box for every item. When storing furniture such as dressers, desks, cabinets and hutches, pack small, light items in their drawers. Clothes, towels and linens are also perfect for storing in furniture drawers.

Label Boxes Properly

Nothing is more frustrating than digging through your storage unit to find a box. Well-placed, descriptive labeling makes it easy to find the cartons you need. Label the side of each box in permanent marker according to the room it came from. This will help you quickly identify each carton at a glance so your items can be easily retrieved.

Store Up, Not Across

One of the best ways to maximize your self storage unit is by using its vertical space. Stack similarly-sized boxes on top of one another whenever possible; just be sure to place the heaviest cartons on the bottom and the lightest ones on top. You can also use flat furniture tops for stacking boxes.

Pack by Activity Level

To make visits to your storage unit as efficient as possible, consider which items you’ll most need more frequently and store them towards the front so you can grab them quickly. Rarely-used items should be stored at the back of your unit.

Use these expert tips to properly pack and unpack your self storage unit, prevent stress, and save valuable time!

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