How to Organize Your Business Inventory in Self- Storage

Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant owner, contractor, or professional home stager, you have business inventory that needs to be stored someplace. Self-storage lets you affordably and safely store your supplies, samples, promotional materials and paperwork. Here, we offer some great tips for organizing your business inventory in a self-storage facility.

 Why Is a Storage List Important?

A storage list helps you remember what you have stored and where it is located. Create a master list of all the items you’re storing. Whether it’s in alphabetical order, by department or item types, organize your list in a way the makes the most sense for you. Be sure to keep a hard copy and a digital copy of your master storage list.

 What’s the Benefit of A Storage Map?

A storage map helps you get the most out of your self-storage space. Use grid paper to draw your storage map and scale the measurements of your unit. Measure your items and mark exactly where to place them. Coordinate matching labels and color codes on your storage boxes and your map so the map corresponds with the numbers and/or descriptions you have on your boxes. Besides ensuring you make the most efficient use of your self-storage space, a storage map helps you find your items quickly when you need to retrieve them.

What is the best way to label and pack business inventory?

Several factors need to be considered when labeling and packing your business inventory. First, make sure that boxes are clearly marked with a general description of the contents written on the side rather than the top. This allows you to easily identify your boxes while stacking them. You can also use color coded stickers to label your business inventory items. Next, if you have shelving units, use them to keep your documents and files organized. They should be lined along the walls of your self-storage unit. Third, pack fragile and breakable items with bubble wrap. Office furniture can be wrapped with blankets to prevent scratching and stacked on its end near the back of your unit. Items you need more frequently, like files and marketing materials, are more accessible when they’re placed at the front of your unit. Finally, don’t forget to create aisles so you have enough room to retrieve your business inventory.

If you don’t have space at your business location to store your inventory, self-storage offers the perfect solution. Follow our tips to make the most effective and efficient use of your self-storage space.

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