Getting Rid of Clutter in Your Home and Office

You don’t have to meet the clinical definition of “hoarder” to have a problem with clutter. Even a small excess of stuff can hinder your productivity and limit your ability to focus. Here are several ways to get rid of clutter in your home and office.

Donate What You Don’t Need

Too many people make the mistake of holding onto things they don’t use. When decluttering your home or office, follow this simple rule: if you no longer find an item useful, it doesn’t deserve to be kept. Instead, donate functioning items to a charity or non-profit organization so they can be put to good use. Non-working televisions, stereo components, computers and other electronic equipment can be discarded in an environmentally-friendly manner with a locally-owned e-waste recycling service.

Purge Your Paper

To prevent your personal and business information from being compromised, old mail, outdated financial information, and sensitive files should be destroyed. Rather than spending hours shredding confidential documents with a paper shredding machine, save time by using a certified destruction service. Locked containers can be delivered to your home or office so you can quickly discard files without having to remove staples and paper clips. The contents of your containers are securely collected, all material is professionally destroyed, and you receive a Certificate of Destruction.

Store Business Documents Offsite

If important documents are taking over your office, consider using a records storage service to store them offsite. Besides reducing paperwork clutter in your workspace, it helps keep your files, organized, secure and easily accessible. Your documents are stored in a commercial records center designed with the following features:

  • Controlled facility access
  • Video surveillance
  • Alarm monitoring
  • State-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems

Before shelving your records on industrial-grade, high-density racking systems, professional records managers organize, label and index them for you. Each file is barcoded for tracking and added to an inventory management database. You can request your files by phone, fax, email or via an online form for secure anytime delivery to your office.

Use Self Storage for the Rest

Once you’ve donated your unwanted items, securely destroyed confidential documents and stored important records offsite, use a self-storage solution to get rid of the remaining clutter in your home or office. Units come in a variety of sizes so you store a wide range of personal and business items, including:

  • Excess office equipment and inventory
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Clothing and uniforms
  • Tools, inventory and equipment

Just remember to choose a self storage provider with flexible billing and invoicing options and who protects your personal and business belongings in a facility equipped with the following security systems:

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Controlled access
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Alarms

The hardest part about decluttering your home or office is getting started. But when you follow the tips we’ve provided here, there’s no need to procrastinate!

Sentry Storage Solutions offers self storage, records storage and paper shredding solutions to businesses in the Greater San Diego area and Chula Vista, California. For more information about our services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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