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In our series Store it, Sell it or Scrap it we take common items that people keep in storage and advise whether they should be stored, sold or thrown in the trash.

Store your desks and filing cabinets if you are changing offices or your household furniture if you are moving. Put children’s furniture into storage when they outgrow it if there is sentimental value or if you plan to use it again and be sure to put your grandma’s 80 year old stove in storage for when you move into your forever home and want that vintage looking kitchen.

Rachel's Phone 003Furniture and Appliances should be carefully stored if you plan to use them again or sell them in the future. Couches, desks and beds, refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers all have their place in storage if they can be used again but you have to decide if storage is right for you and your items. If you get a new couch and your old one is in good shape should you store it or try and sell it? Is it ripped or missing some cushions? Maybe you should scrap it and put it on the curb with a “Free” sign. Appliances like refrigerators or ovens should be stored if they are in good working condition and you plan to use them again, especially if you are renting a home that came furnished but you plan to buy a home or move in the future.

When placing furniture and appliances into storage it is beneficial to wrap them in some kind of protective cover. Buy a plastic mattress bag from your storage provider for your bed or a chair cover for those leather recliners to keep movingunwanted dust and debris off. Wrap wooden legs in protective paper to save them from chipping during transport. Be sure to protect appliances that are in storage with moving blankets and other protective materials to ensure that they return in the same condition as they went in. What is the point of storing something that you wanted to use if it doesn’t work when you are ready to use it.  When storing a large desk, set it up along a wall and cover it with a moving blanket to protect the top and you can safely store boxes or other things on top of it without scratching the surface. Large furniture like bookcases and armoires can be stood up and pushed against one wall of the storage unit and books can be stored on them or boxes if they fit.fridge

Remember that these items are heavy and awkward to maneuver and may require the assistance of one or two other people to get them into storage. Some furniture may need to be disassembled just to make it in the doorway of some storage units. Furniture and appliances are bulky and take up a lot of space in storage which may require you to rent a larger space and the larger your space the larger your bill. So you definitely need to decide whether your items are worth storing, selling or throwing away.

Since your furniture and appliances won’t move themselves you need to decide whether to…

Store it, Sell it or Scrap it.

Does it hold sentimental value or can you use it again? Store it.

If there is no or little sentimental value, is there monetary value? Sell it.

If there is no sentimental or little monetary value, donate it or Scrap it.

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