Follow These Media Destruction Best Practices

What do you do with your outdated hard drives, back up tapes and mobile devices? If they aren’t being disposed of properly and securely, you’re taking a huge risk. Use these media destruction best practices to safeguard your data, stay compliant with the law, and protect the environment.

Physical Destruction

Even after the information on your media is deleted, a ghost of that data remains. With the right equipment and a little bit of know-how, an identity thief can gain access to client files, employee records and financial data. This means that physical destruction of your media is the only way to keep your confidential information completely safe.

A hard drive and media destruction service collects unwanted and expired digital devices from your office and destroys them with specialized equipment. Your media is shredded into tiny pieces, making it impossible to reconstruct. Background-screened employees, strict chain of custody procedures, and surveillance technology are used to ensure seamless privacy protection during the destruction process.

Prompt Disposal

The longer you wait to destroy your media, the greater your exposure to identity theft and privacy breach risks. Any device containing sensitive data should be destroyed as soon as possible. Professional media destruction helps you make sure your outdated media is destroyed promptly.

Regulatory Compliance

Prompt and secure disposal of your media doesn’t just offer peace of mind, it ensures you meet state and federal regulatory standards. The following laws contain specific provisions concerning the disposal of private information:

  • SOX
  • GLB

A media destruction service uses systems that fully comply with privacy protection regulations.

Written Verification

Each of the aforementioned laws also require documented proof that your data has been destroyed. A media destruction service provides written verification of the data destruction process by giving you a Certificate of Destruction each time your hard drives and backup tapes are destroyed. This document proves your data is destroyed on time and in a legally-compliant manner.

Responsible Recycling

Media destruction is about much more than protecting your sensitive and confidential data—it’s also about protecting the environment. Since state and federal regulations prohibit electronic waste from being dumped in landfills, it’s important to dispose of your media in an environmentally-responsible manner.
Choosing a reliable media destruction service ensures your media is recycled promptly, according to government guidelines, after destruction. The right destruction provider will also offer free recycling of your electronic items, including:

  • Computer monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Fax machines
  • Cables, cords, printers, and copiers

When destroying your data, even the smallest mistakes can cause a ripple effect of dire consequences. Following media destruction best practices minimizes legal risks, ensures privacy protection, and protects the environment.
Sentry Storage Solutions offers media destruction solutions in the Greater San Diego area and the city of Chula Vista, California. For more information about our services, please call us or complete the form on this

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