Everything You Need to Know about Spring Cleaning

Whether it’s the longer days, the increased chatter of songbirds, or poppies blooming, something instinctively kicks in during spring that motivates us to clear out clutter and get things in order.  To help you make the most of the season, here’s everything you need to know about spring cleaning.

A Bucket, Bleach and Rags Can Work Miracles

Why waste time buying expensive cleaning supplies when all you need is a bucket, some bleach and a few rags?  A bucket of water and a teaspoon of bleach are great for cleaning everything from sinks and countertops to stainless steel appliances. For a more environmentally friendly alternative, replace bleach with white vinegar. And instead of throwing away your old t-shirts, cut them into strips to make cleaning rags.

Smoke Detectors Need a Spring Cleaning Checkup!

While you’re tidying up around your home and office, make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Dusting off the sensors and replacing the batteries will keep them in good order so you stay safe throughout spring and during the rest of the year.  

Short-Term Storage Supports Spring Cleaning Projects

Spring cleaning tasks often coincide with remodeling projects. If you’re planning on painting or hanging dry wall, consider using a self-storage unit as a short-term storage solution. Look for a provider that offers month-to-month leasing options to meet your temporary storage needs.

Spring Cleaning Donations Benefit the Needy

A big advantage of spring cleaning is that it allows you to get rid of the things you no longer need, while simultaneously helping others. Many local charities and non-profit organizations offer free pickup of unneeded household and business items. And even though tax season has officially ended, you can get a jump start on your 2017 tax write-offs!

Spring is the Season of Identity Theft

Warmer weather and longer days in the spring bring more identity theft risks. Thieves know it’s the time of year when individuals and businesses purge old and outdated financial documents, tax files and other sensitive records. To prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands, use a professional paper shredding service to securely dispose of the records you no longer need to keep.

Instead of viewing spring cleaning as a task to avoid, consider it an opportunity for renewed productivity in the year ahead!

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Happy Holidays

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