Clues That Prove Your Service Provider is Earth-Friendly

When looking for a service provider who, like you, cares about the environment, a little sleuthing goes a long way. Fortunately, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to find out if they share your commitment to a healthy planet. Instead, look for these clues.


Southern California is notoriously dry, making water conservation a high priority. Most businesses in the region comply with local water use restrictions, but some take conservation a step further by landscaping with drought-tolerant plants. This is a subtle but powerful indicator of your service provider’s commitment to environmental sustainability.


Sometimes you have to look up to find clues that hide beyond the peripheral. The lights your provider uses tell you if they are earth friendly.

Traditional compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs burn hotter and consume more energy than LED lights. Check to see which kind your service provider uses. This doesn’t have to be a deal breaker though, especially if other energy conserving light fixtures are used. Earth friendly providers may also use solar lighting in parking areas instead of traditional high pressure sodium or halogen lights which run on electricity and have a low lifespan.


Your service provider’s recycling programs offer a clue to their environmental stewardship practices. Are recycling receptacles present throughout the facility? If so, it indicates that recycling is valued throughout the organization. Client-specific recycling services are another clue. For example, when your provider offers electronic waste recycling as a service, it means they’ve made a financial and ethical commitment to protect our environment.

Electronic Billing

Did you know the Earth’s waste stream consists of up to 40% paper, making it the most commonly-discarded material on the planet? Paper waste reduction goes a long way in protecting our environment. You know that your service provider understands this if they offer electronic invoicing and payment options as well as paperless correspondence.

There’s no substitute for the power of observation. When it comes to choosing an earth friendly service provider, look for these clues!

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