The Basics of Furniture Storage

Storing tables, beds, dressers, and bookcases is a pain—literally, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Use our basic furniture storage tips to make the job go much more smoothly: 

Take It Apart

Furniture and other bulky items are difficult to move. To make it easier, disassemble tables and bed frames before moving them. Keep furniture parts together so you can find everything later. Place bolts, screws, and other small parts in sandwich bags and tape them to the back of your furniture to make reassembly easy.

Stack Chairs

Chairs are easily stackable inside your self storage unit. Place one chair upside-down on top of another chair so the seats rest on each other. You’ll be amazed at how much space this will save, allowing you to fit much more in your self storage unit.

Protect Your Back

Back injuries are often the result of lifting heavy items. A ground-floor self storage unit’s easy accessibility reduces sudden muscle pulls or strains. You can drive your moving truck or car right up to the door and load or unload without having to roll items down a hallway or fit them in an elevator to access your storage unit.

Place Couches on End

Couches and sofas can take up tons of storage space, but they don’t have to. Simply place a blanket underneath the arm of your couch, then turn it on its side to allow for maximum space in your unit.

Lighting Matters

Not all self storage units are lit on the inside, which can make it difficult to find stored furniture. Look for units that provide lighting or consider a drive-up self storage unit that has access to the sunlight in the day and your car headlights in the evening.

Treat and Cover Wooden Furniture

If wooden furniture isn’t properly conditioned before storage, the wood could crack or split due to humidity fluctuations. Before moving your wooden furniture to self storage, clean and polish it, then cover each item with a drop cloth or blanket to protect it from dust. If you don’t have a cover, ask your self storage provider for padded furniture covers to protect your wooden furniture.

If you need more tips and strategies for storing your furniture, please give us a call. We’re happy to help!

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