5 Tips for Maximizing Your Self Storage Space

You’ve found a trusted and reliable self storage facility where your personal and business items will be secure. The next step is ensuring you can use your storage unit efficiently and access your items easily. Here are several helpful tips for making the most of your self storage space.

h2>Purge instead of storing

Boxes of files and documents are some of the most common items kept in self storage units. If your records are old and expired, however, you certainly don’t want to waste space storing them.

The best self storage providers also offer certified destruction of your sensitive business and personal documents, as well as hard drives and other computer media. Drop off service makes it easy to have your confidential information securely destroyed.

Choose the right storage unit

It doesn’t make sense to pay for more storage space than you need. At the same time, you shouldn’t underestimate the amount of room you need to access and retrieve your belongings. Your self storage provider will help you choose a self storage unit with the right dimensions so your items are stored comfortably and can be located and retrieved quickly.

Make a storage map

Once you have the right storage unit, the next step for getting the most out of your self storage space is to make a storage map. Measure your items and use grid paper to plan exactly where to place them. Coordinate matching labels and color codes on your storage boxes and your map so the map corresponds with the numbers and/or descriptions you have on your boxes. In addition to making sure you get the most you can out of your self storage space, a storage map helps you find your items quickly when you need to retrieve them.

Pack properly

You don’t have to be a professional packer to maximize your self storage space. A few common-sense packing strategies will ensure that your belongings are efficiently stored.

Put frequently-accessed items in the front of your storage unit. Store them with space between items so that you will be able to retrieve them easily when needed. If possible, remove legs from tables to save space. Consider disassembling other bulky pieces of furniture. Mattresses can be stored on their ends.

Always stack lighter boxes on top of heavier ones. Remember to label your cartons on their sides instead of on top, so they can be easily identified when stacked. Other space-saving strategies include:

  • Stacking chairs
  • Placing lawn tools in garbage cans
  • Using dresser drawers for storing linens and other small items

Create aisles and pathways

Maximizing your self storage space also means leaving enough room to retrieve your belongings. When packing your self storage unit, create aisles for easy accessibility to your items. Make clear pathways that are easy to navigate. You should have plenty of space to carry boxes safely in your unit without having to turn sideways.

Maximizing your self storage space keeps your belongings easily accessible and helps you stay organized and efficient.

Sentry Storage Solutions offers secure self storage solutions to residents in Greater San Diego and Chula Vista, California. For more information about our services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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